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Malcolm Galloway

Nick Pink    

Susan Leonard      

Adrian Wilkinson       

Gemma Hurst             

Simon Stevenson   

Toby Scott    

Sabrina Collins

Scott Blainey



Driving School

Phoenix Driver Training

Nick Pink School of Motoring

In 2 Drive

Adrian Driving School 

GL Driving School 

Life Skills Driving School

Toby Scott Driver School

Collins Driving School

SAB Driving School



Contact Number

Tel: 07880 736700

Tel: 07748 512421

Tel: 07971 277698

Tel: 07891 078227

Tel: 07702 797833

Tel: 07765 510704

Tel: 07544749126

Tel: 07481110851

Tel: 07867 564508



We are always looking for more driving instructors to join us.  If you are an ADI or PDI, please contact us for further information



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