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Please park just inside the school entrance between the gates and our traffic cones.  Our reception is at the caravan in the car park.

Attending the club doesn’t replace normal driving lessons on the road at 17, but if they can attend often enough it will help them prepare for their theory test, make them safer and may reduce the number of lessons needed.

The Club is run by appointment only, each pupil is allocated a 2 hour appointment.  The first hour of the meeting is an informal small group theory session followed by a full hour driving with a driving instructor.

The Club charges a one off joining fee of 15 and then 50 for each 2 hour session to be paid at least 2 days in advance by Bank Transfer.  We regret that we do not accept cheque or card payments.

Alternatively you may pay for 6 meetings in advance for 285, a saving of 15 (300 with the Joining Fee).

We believe this is good value compared with other pre-17 driving lessons (such as www.youngdrivers.eu) or even piano or horse riding lessons.  We also offer Birthday and Christmas Gift Vouchers.

We aim for the first or second Sunday of each month.  Whenever possible pupils will be given two weeks notice of their allocated time for the next meeting.  They should arrive on time but not earlier than 15 minutes.  As this club is run on a 1 to 1 basis with professional driving instructors, if an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, or if a pupil arrives late or not at all they will still be charged the full amount. 

Parents are welcome to come and watch, but for safety reasons anyone under the age of 15 must have constant adult supervision.   The Club reserves the right to exclude any pupil or spectator for unruly, threatening or inappropriate behaviour, or for causing damage to school or club property.  We are there by the kind permission of the school, please respect the grounds and do not drop any litter.

If a meeting is cancelled for what ever reason, e.g. bad weather or the site is not available to us, the Club will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

All communications with you will be by email or text, so it is your responsibility to check for messages.

Any pupil found to have been driving illegally on the road will automatically be banned from the Club.

Pupils do not need a provisional licence; they will be driving off road in the safety of a private car park.

There are NO toilet facilities on site.  Smoking is not allowed anyway within the school grounds.


Your Eyesight 

To be allowed to drive the regulations state that, in good daylight, you should be able to read a new style vehicle number plate at a minimum distance of 20 metres (about 66 feet, or just over 5 car lengths). 

If you wear glasses (other than for reading) please bring them with you.


Driving shoes

It is important to wear suitable shoes for driving,  light shoes with flexible soles are best so that you can ‘feel’ the peddles and be in full control.  Do not wear high heels, flip flops, wedge or platform shoes or heavy boots!   You can easily cause an accident by wearing the wrong footwear!



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